Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy busy busy

Wow.. It's been a long time since I've logged on to my own blog.. Haha. Lots of assignments and work needed to be done. But winter holiday's coming soon.. along with Christmas. Will update soon with my life and work.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here's the animatics for my final short film. The 2D version of it.. which I'm not so good at. Anyway, here it is!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Showreel - Sneak Peek

Been really busy nowadays. I'm having 2 major project which is my showreel and finals. Showreel is a compilation of animations or any other artworks. And here is one of mine.

Please feel free to give any comments at all.

The model is not done by me, just the animation. This is just a simple run and jump with a bit of story behind it. Haven't given more feelings and life to it yet. Will be busy again.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Looking Back - Heathrow

I was feeling kinda lost when I reach Abu Dhabi. I tried walking around, going through the directories, study the flight time and gates, and I got tired of trying not to look lost. I am lost anyway, so I just sat down at the back row. The place was really small and compact. After I sat there for an hour, it's time to go.

I was realise I was quite reluctant to fly again. Probably because of the long hours and the boring moments travelling alone. At this point I was really tired. When I got onto the plane I got excited again. It never fail to amuse me looking out of the window during take off. Then the tiredness hits me again and I tried to sleep but I knew I wouldn't be able to.

Finally I reached London. The landing was delayed due to heavy mist in the area and we had to fly in circles for 30 minutes. The airport was quite packed. The customs were quite strict with a few people. I lined up for my turn for at least an hour. They asked me a few questions which I was too tired to remember, and then directed me to the medical office.

I was ready for this, already took my chest X-ray before I came here. When it was almost my turn, I panicked when I couldn't find the X-ray result in my hand luggage. Oh well, it took me another 45 minutes to convince the doctors that I'm well enough.

And it was in the doctor's office where I met a friend and he's from Malaysia as well. Then on, we collect our luggage, asked for directions, and bought ourselves bus tickets. He was heading to Oxford. At the bus station, it took another 2 hours I think, because the bus was delayed. But finally, I'm on my way to University of Hertfordshire. Finally.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Looking Back - Etihad

I was still looking out of the window. This is it. I'm off. There's no turning back anymore now.

It was amazing to be on a plane. I've always looked up to the skies and told myself, one day I'm gonna be in there. And I got my wish. One thing I disliked was the pressure. My ears hurt slightly and it gets irritating. I fumbled my hands with the controller and it still won't come off.. The stubborn thing.. I gave up and I pressed the buttons on the controller anyway, while it's stuck to the side of the seat. There was games, movies, music, news, documentary, and a few other tools.

I listened to music to help me with the pressure that's building up in my ear and it works. After a few songs, I got adventurous a bit and looked at the movie section. But to my disappointment, this screen that I got is problematic. It lags when I watch movie, and it auto-restarts when I listen to music. I finally gave up and ended up resting.

I did not sleep through the whole flight. Then they started serving food. I ordered lamb and some kinda weird rice. It was really delicious. They serve appetisers, main course, dessert, and tea. Then I rested again. And the food came again. I guess it was tea time. I've lost track of time throughout the whole flight. The food came quite often and I tried my best to finish everything till the last meal.

It seems like forever till they announced we're landing in Abu Dhabi. It's going to be a 2 hours transit so it's not going to be that bad. And here I am, in a foreign country. Abu Dhabi.